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Making nutrition simple from planning to preschool, and beyond

As a Registered Dietitian and expat, I help navigate nutrition for you and your family when there’s already so much to figure out.

I work with women, children, and families to optimize nutrition so you can feel great and be confident about how you are nourishing yourself and your family. 
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I specialize in prenatal nutrition, gestational diabetes, postnatal nutritional management, infant feeding, toddler nutrition, weight management, energy optimization, microbiome optimization and more. 

Are you struggling to navigate your current food and health scene?
Are you looking for guidance, but don’t know where to begin?
Are you already a mama, expecting a little one, or thinking about growing your family?

Take a deep breath - you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Stephanie, a US-trained Registered Dietitian with nearly 10 years of experience helping women and families feel confident about food choices for themselves and their growing families. 

Healthy Food

How Little Sprout Nutrition supports you...

Feeling your best while pregnant

Managing the ups and downs of pregnancy can be challenging. I am here to help you find ways to make the right choices for you and your baby, using flexible strategies so you can enjoy this phase!

An easier postpartum

Whether you are breastfeeding, formula or a mix of both, this stage feels so unknown and comes with so many questions. I’m here to guide you, using nutrition to recover and feel like yourself.

Feeding your baby

Feeding an infant is a whole new territory. With my guidance, you will feel reassured that you are making the right choices for your baby without feeling overwhelmed.

Raising healthy eaters

Yes, you can manage picky eating and help your toddler make good food choices while making food choices that fit for your whole family.


I know that getting pregnant often feels out of our control. Together we can work on the things you can control when it comes to fertility - nutrition and health!

Growing your family

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