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Hi there.

I’m Stephanie, a toddler mom (with a second on the way!) with years of experience working in reproductive health. I know how it feels to want to get pregnant, to want to support a healthy pregnancy, and to want to start my child off with the best nutrition foundation. I also know how it feels to try to live healthfully while adapting to life in a new city or country - I’ve been there.

I’ve been the go-to resource in hospitals and clinics, helping women who are looking for nutrition guidance from pre-conception planning, throughout pregnancy, and into family life. Now, I’m here for you. My research and clinical background paired with my personal experience mean that I can help you get the nutrition you need, tailored to your unique needs.
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A dietitian in Paris

I live in Paris with my husband and 3-year old. When I’m not working or being a toddler mom (which, let’s be honest, takes tons of time and energy!) I love shopping the Parisian markets, cooking exciting international dishes, biking or running along the Seine, or taste-testing croissants all around town.

I would love to connect with you.

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