About Stephanie

Stephanie Rink, Founder, CEO, and Registered Dietitian


Weight management

Wellness & Health Optimization

Pre-pregnancy planning

Pregnancy nutrition


Bariatric surgery 

Corporate Wellness

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Infant feeding 

Childhood nutrition

Morning sickness/Hyperemesis

IBS/Celiac disease in pregnancy

Breastfeeding nutrition

My Story

As a science major in college with personal interest in food and nutrition, I realized the important connection between what we eat and the chemical response in our bodies. I decided to further my knowledge in nutrition, and completed a M.S. in Nutritional Science at Penn State University. My graduate research focused on vitamins and minerals in infant formula and breastmilk; through this research I realized my passion for nutrition issues during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood. 


I proceeded to complete my dietetic internship at Loyola in Chicago, where I was granted practice licensure. In my work as both an inpatient and an outpatient dietitian, I worked with pregnant women and infants on a wide range of topics to ensure healthy moms, babies, and families. I also gained experience working with high risk pregnant women and infants in an acute care setting, exposing me to a wide range of nutrition issues. It quickly became apparent that there is a lack of resources and nutrition professionals for families looking for help outside of the hospital. 

I hope to provide valuable nutrition information and realistic implementation strategies for families looking for a reliable professional. I look forward to working with you as you strive for health and wellness, plan the start to your family, manage a pregnancy, and nourish yourself and your growing children.