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Make This Monday: Crudités Platter with Lemon Thyme White Bean Hummus

Happy Monday! Why is it that Mondays tend to drag on a bit slowly? Whatever the reason, I have a great way that you can brighten up your day...

How about a bright and beautiful crudités platter with homemade hummus? I love to prep easy snacks over the weekend to be ready for the week ahead. To me, veggies and hummus makes for the perfect savory and healthy afternoon snack. Fiber? Check. Protein? Check. Tons of vitamins and minerals? Check and check.

I like to use multicolored carrots, thinly sliced beets (how beautiful are the bright pink ones I used here?), radishes, cucumbers, purple potatoes, and green beans. Feel free to pick and choose whatever veggies you or your family love! You will want to blanch any harder vegetables (like those green beans and potatoes) by putting them in salted boiling water for 2-3 minutes, then drain and rinse with cold water.

The hummus I made here is so quick and easy - I use my food processor to keep chopping to a minimum. There are so many ways to vary the flavors in hummus. Here I used a healthy dose of lemon and fresh thyme to keep it bright and fresh. I also love using white beans instead of the traditional garbanzos, I love how creamy it turns out.

Make your own creative crudités platter this week for more exciting snacking! Let me know how the recipe turns out in the comments below!

p.s. click on the recipe to save or print!

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